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Image by Julian Myles


DAHOMEY was born in 2021 in Beverly Hills out of a struggle familiar to many people, especially African Americans – it was clearly too difficult to find comfortable, quality Ankara* clothes that made you feel confident. Clearly, we thought, everybody, deserves better.

Inspired by the African tradition, creating everything with class and excellence, my husband and I founded DAHOMEY. We spent many months hunting the perfect fabrics to make our whole collection, guaranteeing that they are comfortable, washable, durable, and beautiful – everything you should expect from anything you wear. 


At DAHOMEY we take quality very seriously, and sustainability practices including, but not limited to, materials and business practices are part of our core mission — as they have been from day one. This imperative comes from our responsibility as Humans to be safe-keepers of the earth. And for that, the concept is simple: fashion with integrity.

*Commonly known as Ankara prints, African prints, African wax prints, Holland wax, or Dutch wax.



Each article is unique and hand-crafted to respect and conserve African culture and tradition.


Made with fair trade practices, focusing on safe conditions and good salaries for workers.


Our products are all locally designed and created within the Benin Republic.


The collection is made with intelligent materials and processes of production

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